Manufacturing Excellence

A Misson of Perfection

To maintain leadership, create high quality products and ulimately provide customer satisfaction through integrated solutions, meeting diverse requirements.

Oil Seals
Rubber Compounding
Rubber compounds are prepared in house facility. Every rubber batch is tested in the laboratory for Rubber Rhealogy, Tensile & Elongation, Oil Ageing, Hot Air Ageing, Volume Swelling, Ash Content, Melting Point, Spicific Gravity, Hardness, Compression Set.
Oil Seals
Power Presses
Series of power presses allow us to produce metal cases for shaft seals with max. outer diameter of 270 mm.

Oil Seals
Vacuum Compression & Injection Molding Machines
Manufacturing a High Precision Product.
Oil Seals
Multi-head Trimming Machines for precise dimensions
Maintaining Dimensional Consistency.
Oil Seals
Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Fully Automated Ultrasonic Washing machine used for cleaning of Oil Seals and applying rust preventive agents by using non-aggressive and eco–friendly solutions.